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26 Bars -  - Publications - Donna Dennis

26 Bars is an alphabet work of drinking establishments situated in a fantasy USA. The collaboration between Donna Dennis and Kenward Elmslie breaks down the barrier between image and narrative, so that each drawing and tale coheres with back-and-forth intensity. Their pub crawl from A (Amazon Club) to Z (Zanzibars) includes Big Bar, a Texas saloon where everything, including the drinks, is gigantic, Diskettes, a computer bar frequented by media biggies addicted to word processors, Kudzu Klub, a hang-out for lunatic fringe militarists, Puce Parrot, a Palm Beach boite popular with gay octogenarians who compete in its annual Somerset Maugham Look-Alike Contest, and YX, formerly Le Club Onyx, a stomping ground for jazz greats, now a Laundromat disco where over-achievers unwind amid enhanced rubble. Published by Calais: Z Press.

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